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Acolyte (Guild Leader)

Once an individual achieves mastery of his own profession, he realizes that one cannot always choose one's opponents, and tactics that work against one profession may be utterly useless against another. It is for this reason that the paths of all combatant ranks cross at the rank of Acolyte. An Acolyte not only defeats enemies by understanding their profession better than they do, but also seeks to counteract the tactics of a different profession, regardless of what it may be.

The Acolytes are the first of the high leadership positions within the Order. They lead the combined forces of the Adepts and Defenders, giving them responsibility for the most diverse fighting force in the guild. The rank of Acolyte is an extraordinarily difficult one to achieve.


Each candidate for Acolyte must hold the rank of Archmage/Guardian. He must also have a current, active squire who is challenging for, or has attained, the rank of Archmage/Guardian, and must first seek approval from the Guildmaster, Avatar, or an Archon. There may be a quest or task assigned to the candidate to prove his worthiness for the position. At any time, there may be no more than ten Acolytes--one of each virtue, one of drunkenness, and one of chaos.

Time in Rank

An Acolyte may not challenge for a more advanced rank for a period of four weeks from his installation as Acolyte. If an Acolyte is demoted in rank, he may not challenge to regain the title for a period of four weeks.


As a unique learning stage, an Acolyte is expected to mentor others in the guild and lead by example, but also to concentrate on honing his tactics in fighting enemies, especially those of a different profession. Exemplary Acolytes will seek to assist with guild events and functions whenever possible.

Special Authority

As the leaders of all Adepts and Defenders, an Acolyte must sponsor an individual to receive one of those ranks. Acolytes should seek out qualified candidates, and candidates who believe they are ready for the position may speak to an Acolyte regarding sponsorship.

How to Obtain Rank

Once an Archmage/Guardian has satisfied the time requirements and obtains permission to challenge, he will fight four Acolytes selected by the Guildmaster, Avatar, and Archons. He must defeat at least three of these candidates in best-of-five ranking matches. In addition, he must complete any quests or tasks set for him by Archons as a condition of achieving rank. If he is successful, he is promoted to the rank of Acolyte.


An Acolyte receives a title based upon their particular position. Examples of titles are "Acolyte of Honor" and "Acolyte of Drunkenness". The honorific chosen at the time of Sagehood/Knighthood remains reserved for the Acolyte, and may not be taken by another individual unless the Acolyte retires from the guild. This is because it is possible for an Acolyte to return to the rank of Archmage/Guardian. 

Loss of Rank

Unless demoted, the only way to lose rank is to be defeated during a ranking match. In some circumstances, if other Acolyte positions are open, an Archon or above may choose to move the Acolyte to a different Acolyte position.