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As a mage progresses in skill, and begins to prove himself in combat, he may be recognized with the ranking of Adept. An Adept is a mage skilled in the ways of the ether, ready to defend the Order with magic and cunning. It is the first step taken by a mage as he begins his journey within the guild.


Each candidate for Adept must have achieved grandmaster status in at least one mage-related skill, must  be capable of casting any spell, either with or without the use of scrolls, and must obtain approval of an Acolyte or above. Candidates must have been a member of the guild for no less than two weeks, and must have achieved 'veteran' status.

Time in Rank

An Adept may not challenge for a more advanced rank for a period of three weeks from his installation as an Adept.


Each Adept is expected to behave consistently with the ideals of the Order, and help his or her fellow guildmates whenever possible. Adepts are encouraged to seek and begin training a squire in order to prepare themselves for a more advanced rank.

How to Obtain Rank

There are two ways to obtain the rank of Adept.

Once a candidate has met the time requirements and obtained permission to challenge, he will fight an existing Adept chosen by his sponsor in a best-of-five ranking match. If he beats the existing Adept, he is granted title.

Alternatively, an Archon may bestow this title without any ranking match if he decides that the candidate has proven himself worthy of the promotion either during previous ranking matches, or through actions such as informal dueling at the guildhouse or performance during guild hunts.


All Adepts will be granted the guild title of "Adept".

Loss of Rank

This rank cannot be lost short of demotion by an Acolyte or above.