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Mages who have achieved mastery of their skills will have developed not only a personal style of fighting that they favor, but also the uncanny knack of altering their style to counter the actions of their opponent. Those who reach this level in their profession may seek the great honor and rank of Archmage.

An Archmage fears no enemy, nor would he hesitate to attack those who would harm the Order. He is a skilled tutor, able to convey knowledge of the intricate workings of magic to his students. As an opponent, and Archmage is an extraordinarily dangerous foe.


Each candidate for Archmage must hold the rank of Sage. He must have achieved grandmaster status in at least four mage-related skills, one of which must be magery. He must have a current, active squire who is challenging for, or has attained, the rank of Sage, and he must seek approval of the High Enchanter and the Guildmaster, Avatar, or an Archon.

Time in Rank

An Archmage may not challenge for a more advanced rank for a period of four weeks from his installation as Archmage.


Each Archmage is expected to teach others the fine arts of becoming deadly in combat. An Archmage may be expected to rescue guildmates from precarious situations, to serve and train those new to the guild, and to occasionally lead or assist in expeditions such as guild hunts or guild events.

How to Obtain Rank

Once a Sage has satisfied the time requirements and obtains permission to challenge, he will fight an existing Archmage who has been selected by the High Enchanter in a best-of-five ranking match. If he beats the existing Archmage, he is granted title. In some situations, an Archon or above may grant the rank without winning the match, for example if the candidate has proven himself the equal of other Archmages.


The honorific chosen at the time of Sagehood will be retained, with the new prefix "Archmage of". 

Loss of Rank

This rank cannot be lost short of demotion by the High Enchanter or above.