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Archon (Guild Elder)

An Archon is an advisor and assistant to the Guildmaster, and ranks immediately after that Avatar. As a group, the Archons have authority over all other guild members, help insure the smooth day-to-day operations of the guild, and represent or promote the guild's interests with other groups.

This rank is granted when the Guildmaster finds a member of the Order whose wisdom and trustworthiness make him a good fit for the position. The Avatar and other Archons may also bring a qualified candidate to the Guildmaster's attention. This rank can never be granted by being sought, but rather the Guildmaster will approach and offer it to worthy candidates

An Archon may be of any profession, from a combat-oriented mage to a skilled craftsman.


An Archon's role as an advisor and assistant not only applies up to the Guildmaster, but also down to all guild members. Archons help maintain the Order's integrity by assisting or supporting events, overseeing rankings, and working with outside parties.

If a conflict or problem arises that cannot be directly handled, guild members may bring it to the attention of an Archon. The Archon will attempt to resolve the issue in the best manner possible, and if necessary, will refer it to the Avatar or Guildmaster. Guild members are encouraged to bring suggestions for improving the operation of the guild to the Archons so that they can be considered and implemented.

Archons directly support guild events, whether limited to guild members or open to the public at large. An Archon may help evaluate a potential guild member and provide recommendations for those who may be deserving of promotion. They seek out ways to grow the guild, both in numbers and in spirit. Archons may grant permission for most ranking challenges, although the highest rankings require Avatar approval.

In addition, Archons may participate directly in combat training or craftsman training, depending upon their specific areas of expertise.

Limit of Authority

An Archon's authority is nearly absolute. His actions are not subject to review, except by the Avatar or Guildmaster. When action is needed to support the goals of the guild, an Archon may take whatever action is required. Archons are empowered to take any action short of ejecting a member from the guild, and may at any time immediately demote individuals who are not performing their duties satisfactorily.

When the guildmaster and Avatar are unavailable for an extended period of time, the Archons may be asked to temporarily represent them.


All Archons in the guild receive the guild title "Archon".

Loss of Rank

The Guildmaster or Avatar may remove an Archon from his position and place him in another rank or remove all rank entirely.