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Avatar (Guild Elder)

The Avatar is the supreme advisor to the Guildmaster, and leads the Archons. He ranks immediately below the Guildmaster, and has authority over all other guild members. The Avatar serves the guild as the Guildmaster's right hand, and has shown absolute dedication to the Order.

None may explicitly seek this position, as the Guildmaster selects the Avatar, who may be of any profession, from a deadly combatant to a skilled craftsman.


The Avatar's role is similar to an Archon's. He serves as direct advisor to the Guildmaster, and to a lesser degree, the guild members. He is directly involved in considering new candidates for membership and expanding the influence of the guild. For the highest ranks, it is his permission (or that of the Guildmaster) that must be sought before a challenge may be issued, and he may set a task to prove worthiness.

Limit of Authority

The Avatar has the same level of the authority as the Guildmaster, and only the Guildmaster may override his decisions. If the Guildmaster is not present, the Avatar may speak on his behalf.


The Avatar receives the guild title "Avatar".

Loss of Rank

The Guildmaster may remove the Avatar from his position and place him in another rank or remove all rank entirely.