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Combat Ranking Information

Combat rankings permit guildmembers interested in PvP an opportunity to prove their skill and earn titles within the guild.

Leadership Rankings

The positions of Acolyte and above are considered Guild Leaders.

Ranking Duels

Ranking duels are the most common way to progress along the combat ranking tree. The conditions for "winning" may vary, but there are several rules for all duels. The intent of the rules is to reduce the factor of luck, and enhance the factor of skill. In addition, several of the rules help limit the amount of time a battle can take.

In some circumstances, combatants may wish to place further restrictions on a battle (for example, no potions whatsoever). If both combatants agree to an additional restriction, it is completely acceptable.

Hybrid Rankings

The combat ranking structures do not currently have a good "hybrid" category. Instead, they are focused up on mages and warriors/archers. There may be value in adding a "hybrid" classification in the future, but right now no such rankings exist. Hybrids wishing to rank in the existing mage or warrior structures are somewhat restricted during their ranking duels. They may choose either to fight "as a mage" or "as a warrior".

This does place hybrids at a disadvantage, and we're looking for ways to address that, be it through a new ranking structure or a relaxing of the rules. Feedback from folks, especially those playing hybrids, is definitely needed.

If a new ranking structure were to appear (this doesn't mean it will, just means if it does), rankings in the mage or warrior tree will be changed into an equivalent hybrid rank for those hybrids that decide to rank now, so that your efforts are not for naught.

Arranging Ranking Duels

Not all characters will rank at the same time, and not all players will be available for ranking battles on a moment's notice. The guild hold periodic tournaments, and whenever possible, ranking battles will be scheduled during tournaments. However, so as not to unfairly restrict a character whose player cannot be online during a tournament, ranking battles can be arranged at other times.

These ranking battles will be coordinated by Guild Leader or Guild Elders. This is one reason permission must be sought before a ranking challenge may be undertaken. Please give notice of at least one week whenever possible if you wish to rank (the time until the ranking challenge does count as eligibility time), because this will increase the likelihood a ranking battle can be scheduled.

The minimum time that would be required for a new character to reach the highest combat rank is 20 weeks. It would be virtually impossible to achieve this minimum as it would require ranking duels the moment a character became eligible, and it would also require the character to successfully challenge for each rank..

The 20 weeks breaks down as follows:

No rank to Adept/Defender: Two weeks
Adept/Defender to Sage/Knight: Three weeks
Sage/Knight to Archmage/Guardian: Three weeks
Archmage/Guardian to Acolyte: Four weeks
Acolyte to High Sage/Knight Errant: Four weeks
High Sage/Knight Errant to High Enchanter/Captain of the Guard: Four weeks

Combat Rank Structure

All Combat ranks are below the Guild Elders (Archons, the Avatar, and the Guildmaster). However, the highest Guild Leaders in the combat ranks are distinguished by being fourth in command of the entire guild.

From highest to lowest, the combat ranks are as follows:

As Guild Leader positions, Acolytes and above have special authority within the guild. This authority is focused upon maintaining a strong combat rank structure. They must approve promotions in rank, and are even capable of demoting individuals that do not fulfill their rank or demonstrate the ideals that bind the guild together. See the specific rank descriptions for more details.