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High Sage (Guild Leader)

When a mage seeks to serve the Order in the highest positions of leadership, he may seek the position of High Sage. The High Sage directly commands those with the rank of Sage in the guild, but stands above all mages other than the High Enchanter. The High Sage is deadly in combat, and superior as a teacher.


A candidate for High Sage must have held the rank of Acolyte for at least four consecutive weeks prior to challenging for the position, and must first seek approval from the Guildmaster or Avatar.

Time in Rank

The High Sage may not challenge for a more advanced rank for a period of four weeks from his installation as High Sage. If the High Sage is demoted in rank, he may not challenge to regain the title for a period of four weeks.


The High Sage is expected to organize events, mentor and train. The best High Sage actually risks putting himself out of a job by training others so well that his own skills may not be a match for them.

Special Authority

As the leader of the Sages, the High Sage is one of two individuals who must give permission to challenge for the rank of Sage (the other being the Guildmaster, Avatar, or an Archon).The High Sage may demote any Sage to the rank of Adept immediately if he finds that the Sage is not performing his duties.

How to Obtain Rank

Once an Acolyte has satisfied the time requirements and obtains permission to challenge, he must defeat the current High Sage in a ranking battle of five rounds. The candidate must win at least four of the five duels to gain the title. If he does, he becomes the new High Sage and the old holder of that rank becomes an Acolyte (generally, but not always, the same position the candidate held).


The guild title of the High Sage is always "High Sage". 

Loss of Rank

Unless demoted, the only way to lose rank is to be defeated during a ranking match.