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The growth of a mage is more than simple skill, though this is of great importance. Mastery of the mystical arts requires a knowledge of what spells and activities are of the most benefit when defeating an enemy or defending oneself in battle. As an Adept learns these skills, and begins to cultivate this knowledge in others, he may seek promotion to the rank of Sage.


Each candidate for Sage must hold the rank of Adept, and must have achieved grandmaster status in at least three mage-related skills, and must be capable of casting any spell without the aid of a scroll or other device. He must have a current, active squire, and must obtain approval of the High Sage and the Guildmaster, Avatar, or an Archon.

Time in Rank

A Sage may not challenge for a more advanced rank for a period of three weeks from his installation as Sage.


Each Sage is expected to go above and beyond the duties of an Adept, and must actively mentor individuals that they too may grow in skill. Sages are encouraged to help bring ideas for guild events and functions forward, and to help enhance the reputation of the guild through their actions in the realm.

How to Obtain Rank

Once an Adept has satisfied the time requirements and obtains permission to challenge, he will fight an existing Sage who has been selected by the High Sage in a best-of-five ranking match. If he beats the existing Sage, he is granted title. In some situations, an Archon or above may grant the rank without winning the match, for example if the candidate has proven himself the equal of other Sages.


All Sages shall be permitted to choose an honorific title which will be prefixed by "Sage of". This honorific is reserved for that individual throughout all future rankings, and cannot be taken by another until and unless he leaves the guild. Honorifics must be approved by the Guildmaster. 

Loss of Rank

This rank cannot be lost short of demotion by the High Sage or above.