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The OBD Luncheon Rally Point


Our fantastic Avatar Bloodlust has been gracious enough to allow us the use of his place for the OBD Gathering Place from which we'll travel all over Dallas. On this page you'll find the adress, phone number, and series of maps to give you the general idea of where this place is. All of the directions on the other pages are given as if you were travelling from this adress, and this will be the case in many of the situations.


Blood's Place / OBD Gathering Place

6400 Windcrest #618

Plano, TX 75024



The following images are maps showing the general location in various zoom amplifications.




Keep in mind that these maps are intended to give a general overview of the area in relation to the exact spot. Since everyone is really coming from different areas I couldn't put together much in the way of directions, and this was really the only alternative that I had. Keep in mind that I have included a phone number...the Bloodlust hotline...and if you have any questions that you think he would be able to straighten out calling him would probably be a good idea. I can't stress enough how important it is to pick up one of those little roadmaps of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at a gas station or rest stop somewhere...something like that could come in very handy, and although my maps might show you the general ideas of things, nothing can beat one of those maps that you could keep in a glove compartment and look at any time that you want to.