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Full Name and title:  Cain, Guildmaster/Taskmaster
Hobbies:  Smithing, clubbing his competition, trying to find a furniture dye tub to buy, and making guildmembers gather leather
     for his evil needs.
Turn-offs:  Looters, lack of caffeine or booze in his bloodstream, monsters on his lawn, and KeWl DeWdS.
Turn-ons:  A full ingnot box next to his forge, towers, philosophy, and making enourmous amounts of cash for very little effort.
Favorite saying:  "Well, that's gonna cost ya..."
Favorite thing to slay:  Monsters on his lawn!
History:  Cain was born in Vesper where he learned and refined the fine skill of pounding his enemies with a large hammer on the local ogre invasions.  learning that there was indeed more in the world for him to learn, and far more money to be made in professions other than being a simple armsman he set his sights to more lofty goals.  Watching the local smiths bending and melding metal into newly forged items Cain decided that his future was in smithing.  That night Cain read up on smithing and mining...including where was the best place to get started in those skills.  After 2 days of preparing for his trek half-way across the globe Cain set out towards Britain and upon arrival was spat upon by the local smiths when he requested to be taken on as an apprentice.  Enraged at their insolence toward his obvious superiority he quickly bought his first pickaxe and tongs, then began working to become the greatest smith the world would ever know.  One night whilst wandering south of Britain battling Minax's hordes Cain happened upon a small war party who fought side by side with him against the evil of the land.  These men, named the Drunks of Britain, quickly took Cain under there wing where others would not, and made him one of their own.  Cain was honored to have friends such as these and decided that it was his job to serve them as best he could.  Cain quickly set upon smithing full time, and within 2 1/2 months was a Grandmaster smith.  Cain served not only the D*B with his almighty guild discount, but also served all of the people of Britain, and became known as one of the more honorable smiths of that great city.  Once Cain had enough riches in the bank, and enough good friends by his side he decided that it was time to set out on his own, and spread the word of the Drunken Way.  Cain built a modest home between Skara Brae and Britain which he named "The Fallen Log Tavern" and the almight Order of Belligerent Drunks guild was born.

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