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The ranking in OBD is always up for grabs among the members, and this page is here to help people keep track of other's rank, time that they've held that rank, and even the rank history of that person.

Daryl Bradford (Knight of Virtue)
Tonto (Knight of Mongbats)


Knight Errant  (Courage):
NNY                                     -     10/23/01 - ?

Caleb (Souful Sage)  
Voltaire (Sage of Poisons)

High Sage  (Courage):
                                -     - ?

Sir Thomas More (Guardian of Skara Brae)

The Rock (Guardian of Stone)

Drake Darkvein

Captain of the Guard  (Love):
                                    -      - ?


High Enchanter  (Love):

Avalon                                      -     - ?

Acolyte of Compassion:   Alaisa Legolas
Acolyte of Honesty:
Acolyte of Honor:   Brighton Mack
Acolyte of Humility:  Joey
Acolyte of Justice:  David
Acolyte of Sacrifice:  Fitz
Acolyte of Spirituality:
Acolyte of Valor:
Acolyte of Chaos: 
Acolyte of Drunkenness: Rulien AbuShazam

Avatar  (Truth):
Bloodlust                                              -    10/02/00 - ?

Guildmaster of all the Belligerants (Infinity):
FlitzanuTheWise                                              -

Elder Statesman:

Tournament Champions of OBD:

OBD '00 August Champion:  Shamus

OBD '00 September Champion:  Paradyme         KotH Champion:  Brighton Mack

OBD '00 October Champion:  Shamus              KotH Champion:  Shamus           2x2 Champs:  Shamus & Diamond Dog

OBD '00 November Champion:  Bloodlust        KotH Champion:  Lancelot         2x2 Champs:  Lancelot & RobertDaBruce

OBD '01 February Champion: Bloodlust           KotH Champion:  Thaldorian       2x2 Champ: Sir Jay & Fistandantilus

OBD '01 March Champion: Faded            KotH Champion: Wychethyl

OBD '01 April Champion: Bloodlust        KotH Champion: Bloodlust        2x2 Champ: Dragar Shatasha & RobertDaBruce

OBD '01 May Champion: Sir Jay           KotH Champion: Joshua           2x2 Champ: Joe & MechanisM
          4x4 Champions: Alaisa Legolas & Flitzanu & Summoner Breeze & Gorton


Hall of War Week Champions:

War Week I: Champion: Red Team led by Bloodlust       2nd Place: Blue Team led by Joey

War Week II: Champion: Blue Team led by Aragorn/Fistandantilus       2nd Place: Grey Team led by Brighton Mack
3rd Place: Red Team led by Bloodlust

War Week III: Champion: Blue Team led by RobertDaBruce        2nd Place: Red Team led by Kent McCoughney
3rd Place: Grey Team led by Ithel

War Week IV: Champion: Red Team led by David        2nd Place: Blue Team led by Flitzanu
3rd Place: Grey Team led by Summoner Breeze