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Dar, Avenging Knight

Full Name an Title: Dar, Avenging Knight
Hobbies: Hunting anything that causes Chaos in the land of Trammel, beating Orc Mages into small puddles of glowing goo. (O i love to beat mages of any kind!)
Turn Offs: Low magic resist, Dull War Forks, Smith who steal your magic weps (John Henry), and running out of Evil things to kill!!!
Turn Ons: High resist and Sharp weapons!, Plenty of mages to kill, hunting evil smiths (John Henry, I looking for you!), and a good hunt with my Favorite GUARDIAN (Sir Thomas More... Browny Points!)
Favorite Thing to Slay: Magi, MAGI, M A G I !

As a small boy Dar was a trouble young man, full of anger and confusion. His family was one of Merchants and Craftsmans. Dar, as hard as hey could, never quite fit in. He would find himself daydreaming of far lands and a life of adventure. One day in th fall, he did just that. Hiding aboard a small merchant ship bound for the trammel lands and britian. He was amazed at his new find. The land was great and full of adventure, and warriors with storys of honor and glory. One day with a group of young warriors he ventures out of town to achieve his on story. This day would change his life forever! This small group of warriors where jumped by a orc magi camp. The battle was short, as the magi over powered the group with ease. Dar, and a few others survied the battle, only to find themself in a fate worse than death! The orcs started one at a time, using their magic on each of us, bringing us to the point of death then leaving us to torture another. One by one my fellow warriors died in front of Dars' eyes. Just as he felt his life slip from his body, a man walks into the camp, the Orc magi scrambled around in fear of him. Their magic seemed to have little affect on his body. Drawing his kyrss, the magi fell around him, screaming, as they tried to flee. Dar slowly closed his eyes, death was taking him away. And just before all was lost, he felt the man's touch as he applied aids to his wounds, as he whispered a small phrase into Dar's ear. "Find thy inner peace, thou mind is strong. Will yourself to live and you shall." With that the man left, walking into the dawns early mist. Dars strenght returned and he started back to Skara Brae. The strange mans words echoed though his head. Finding himself deeper and deeper into thought Dar began to study the way of the Taoist. Using his new found skills, Dar began a life of mental training. In his training, Sir Thomas More with The Order of Belligerent Drunks, took Dar in his care and futhered his combat training to new levels. To this day, Dar fights by Sir Thomas' side saving the people of trammel from the seemingly endless Orcish Hords .