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Full name and title:  Lord Shamus, The Ill Tempered, GM Breakdancer
Hobbies:  Killing things, killing things, killing things, and ummmm...killing things.
Turn offs:  Things that don't die, non-vanquishing weapons ("If it ain't vanquishing, it ain't Shamus!"), Cain running out of
     ingnots, and looters...who he quickly and thoroughly dispatches.
Turn ons:  That new armor smell, haggling, a good spray of blood in the morning to start the day off right, and healing gains.
Favorite saying:  "Taste my blade bitch!"
Favorite thing to slay:  Anything that stands a damn chance of not dying within 3 hits.
History:  Not much is known of Shamus other than that he hails from Britain and killed his own entire family at the young age of 7 with his father's katana which he strangely calls "The Slayer of Grandmothers."  At some point in his life Shamus turned over a new leaf and decided to join the forces of good by slaying countless lich lords and constantly flinging himself at much more dangerous prey.  Shamus is known to go into a berzerker rage in the heat of battle, and will blindly attack any and all things which stand in his way of certain victory over his assailants.

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