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     The Order of Belligerent Drunks have been blessed with many excellent members, and these pages have been created to honor those great members.  One of them may save your life someday, and I'm sure that you'd like to at least know their story.  By the way, there are many that have yet to be added.  This is because I've either not had the time, or I simply haven't gotten your screenshot yet.  Be patient though, I will eventually add you in all your drunken glory.  If you wish for your character to have a profile send your story and paperdoll to:  The order of profiles are done in accordance with rank.

Cain, The Guildmaster (Infinity)

Guardians and Arch-Magi:

Sir Thomas More, Guardian of Skara Brae

Knights and Sages:

Dar, Avenging Knight
Tonto, Knight of Mongbats
Voltaire, Sage of Poisons


Lord Shamus, GM Breakdancer