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Saturday Night


Because we've probably pulled quite a bender the night before I've given us a wide berth for rest and relaxation time. On this day we'll be touring one of the more interesting spots in Dallas, The Magic Time Machine, and then over to a Brewery/Bar/Whatever. We're getting together at Blood's place at 4:00pm and checking to see if we're all still conscious. At 5:00pm we'll be taking off for The Magic Time Machine. The Magic Time Machine is one of the more interesting places that I've ever been to, and it's a great place to eat, drink, and be merry. They serve all kinds of food and liquor, plus they are under 21 friendly. After a some time there we'll shoot on over to the Rock Bottom Brewery. I say shoot on over because it's really just right down the street from The Magic Time Machine. From what I know this place is under 21 friendly too...and it has $1.50 pints/$2.00 wells (and a very tasty pilsner). We'll stick around there until we decide to break it up for the night and head back to our respective lodgings for the long day ahead of us.


Directions from Blood's place to The Magic Time Machine:

1: Begin at 6400 Windcrest Dr on Tennyson Pky and go Southeast for 30 feet 0.0
2: Turn left on Windcrest Dr and go Northeast for 60 feet 0.0
3: Turn left on Tennyson Pky and go West for 1.3 miles 1.4
4: Turn left on N Dallas Pky and go South for 0.6 miles 2.0
5: Continue on ramp at sign reading "Dallas North Tollway South" and go Southwest for 1000 feet 2.2
6: Continue on Dallas North Tollway and go South for 7 miles 9.5
7: Exit Dallas North Tollway via ramp at sign reading "Addison / Belt Line Rd / Quorum Dr" and go South for 600 feet 9.6
8: Continue on Dallas Pky,Dallas North Tollway S and go South for 0.2 miles 9.8
9: Turn right and go Southwest for 100 feet 9.8
10: Turn right on Belt Line Rd and go West for 900 feet to 5003 Belt Line Rd 9.9

This trip takes all of 10 minutes maybe, so it's a pretty quick ride. I'm not putting up directions of Time Machine to Rock Bottom basically because they're right down the road from each other. We're calling it quits earlier this night because we have to get up fairly early the next day.