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Full name and title:  Sir Thomas More, Grand Fencer of Doom
Hobbies:  Keeping order throughout the land, saving babies from burning buildings, sacrificing his life for others, living the life of
     the noble knight.
Turn-offs:  Evil-doers, undead scum, cowards, getting blood on his pretty clothes.
Turn-ons:  Titles, grants of large tracts of land, honorable duels, new fencing blades.
Favorite saying:  "Sir Thomas More at your service madam; I have come to save thee from evil-scum!"
Favorite thing to slay:  Minax and all her evil little wizards.
History:  Raised from a little boy into the noble class Sir Thomas More chose the life of an honorable knight serving his majesty Lord British.  Nearing the end of his personal training, and preparing to leave home for the life of a squire, a horde of orcs invaded his family's land.  Sir Thomas More, shield and faithful blade in hand did his very best to fend off the evil horde but was overcome.  The orcs thinking that Sir Thomas was dead moved on towards the manor in which his parents lived.  The orc horde swept through the manor-house pillaging it and looting all valuables.  As soon as the orcs had grabbed all they could carry they quickly blocked all exits of the house and razed the building then ran on to the next estate.  Sir Thomas awoke to the frightful sight of seeing his boyhood home burning to the ground upon which it was built.  He rushed to the rescue of his parents but alas it was too late.  Sir Thomas, stricken with grief and anger aimlessly wandered into Britain and walked to the forge that he had always gone to as a boy to watch the blacksmiths perform what seemed almost like magic to a small boy.  The elder blacksmith, named Cain, who Sir Thomas' father had always gone to noticed the boy and slowly sauntered up to the boy asking him where his father was.  Sir Thomas explained the story, and his wishes to reap vengeance upon the orcs, to the faithful Cain.  Cain quickly took Sir Thomas under his wing as his own child (as Cain never wed himself and never had any children of his own) and supported him in all ways that he could.  Sir Thomas More, now a full-fledged knight, still wears Cain's banner upon all his weapons and armor as he wanders the land searching for the orcs who took his family's life.


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