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Today is a big day, and we'll have to get up early for it (ugghhh). We'll be gathering at Blood's place at 8:00am and gearing up for a big event in the weekend...Scarborough Faire. At 9:00am we'll be leaving for Scarborough. Scarborough Faire is basically a renaissance faire spanning 35 acres. I think there's something like 200 shops, countless little restaraunts and "pubs" with tons of live shows and such. I figured since this is a UO gathering we have to go to a renaissance faire...and this is really the best one in the area. Also if you've ever wanted to sample mead and never got a chance to you'll get your chance now. The faire shuts down at 7:00pm and from there we'll go wherever we feel like going...I don't like planning everything out because we might all feel like doing something completely different than what was planned.


The map for this place is sketchy at best mainly because Scarborough Faire has no real adress and I couldn't draw up a detailed map with directions for them...I had to use a crappy little map-maker that was on their website.

Well it's direct and to the point at least. We'll all be there though so I'm sure no one is going to get lost. This seems like it'll be a lot of fun.