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Throughout the ages men and women the world over have counted themselves among the select few who could be called "Belligerent Drunks."  During an early and primitive time in our collective Britainian histories, when men and women fought with swords and fireballs, these lucky few chose to ban together to form a mighty union dedicated to drinking as much as humanly possible then whooping the royal crap out of every monster they met.  Standing strong against the ever-impending threats of prohibition and Lord British's foolish laws against the manufacturing of moonshine, the ranks of the Order of Belligerent Drunks only grows larger.  Once Minax was stranded on Felucca and the proud Belligerent Drunks were allowed to roam wild and free over the landscape of Sosaria they found a new leader who would lead them into the future.  His name was, and still is, Cain.

Once the Drunks' leader had been chosen a homestead was needed where all the Belligerent Drunks could call home.  On the holy day of house placement Cain was thwarted in his attempts to place the sacred tower by an unnamed foe, and he vowed revenge for this great injustice.  Instead of gaining a tower for their drinking and debauchery, Cain settled for a two-story log cabin and dubbed it "The Fallen Log Tavern."  The ranks of the Order of Belligerent Drunks began to grow, and with them three founding fathers apart from Cain began to gain power.  Joey, the drunken mage (grain alchohol really helps flame strikes).  Lord Shamus, who's blade of vanquishing smote all the enemies of the great OBD.  And finally Tonto, a red man, with a temper just the same.  The OBD began to realize that they were bound for greatness, and took the proper steps to realize that greatness...drunken grin and all.

The future of the OBD is unclear.  There are few things which can be known for sure.  Cain will find a tower, and deliver it upon the grand OBD for their tavern and place of gathering.  The OBD will grow to unimaginable proportions, and run a profitable moonshine ring.  The OBD will embrace it's allies such as the D*B and fight side by side for their causes  Finally, the OBD will prevail over all of it's enemies great and small.