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Full name and title: Tonto, Dances with Ale
Hobbies: Killing silly, weak white men, scalping white men, burning white men's houses, and trying making moccassins from the
     fish he catches (we haven't had the heart to tell him that you don't make moccassins from fish).
Turn-ons: Catching a silly, weak white man unarmed, smoking his peace pipe, praying to spirit dog, and drinking firewater.
Turn-offs: Being killed by silly, weak white men, having his village burned, evil white men magic, finding his favorite fishing hole
     overrun by silly, weak white men who he quickly kills (or is that a turn-on...)
Favorite saying:  "Tonto go scalp white men now."
Favorite thing to slay: As if it weren't obvious...white men!
History:  Tonto as a boy was a happy indian living in a small village to the north of Britain where the Island Training Center now stands.  Tonto's people were happy, carefree and never harmed a soul...but one dreadful day all of that changed.  Lord British, seeing the fantastic fishing waters of the indians, not to mention the wide range of wild animals on their land decided to destroy the resident indians and take the land for himself.  Lord British's army arrived and the battle was long and hard-fought, but with Lord British's vastly superior numbers the peaceful indians barely stood a chance.  Tonto's mother put him on a small raft and told him to go south where the mountains are, where he could hide until he was stronger.  Along the way the young Tonto met another one of his tribe who survived, Hiawatha, but they were forced to split up when they heard Lord British's troops approaching from the north of them.  Tonto took up residence in the caves south of his former village, and bided his time for when he could exact revenge upon the white men who burned down his village and killed nearly all of his people.  All of Tonto's years in the cave with no sunlight made his skin go pale, which allows him to infiltrate the ranks of the white man, only to mercilessly destroy him later.  Tonto's quest is far from complete, but maybe the OBD can help him achieve his dream.


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