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     Long ago, through the influence of a man known as the "Time Lord" Lord British bestowed upon us a set of 3 principles which when combined would create the virtues which lead to a happy life.  These principles and virtues created a union, but were not quite balanced.  As all know a union when not properly balanced will simply fall apart, and we have seen this time and time again with Lord British's virtue system.  The virtues and principles which make up the system are correct, but the balance is flawed.  Lord Blackthorn introduced a new virtue which valued the individuality of a person, and accounted for various chaotically good circumstances which occur in nature.  This addition of Chaos to the virtue system was rejected by Lord British, but it serves as a great balance in the virtue system.  However, a system based on three princples must also have three virtues outside of these principles to act as chains which pull them together.  Lord British said it was Humility, Lord Blackthorn said it was Humility and Chaos.  Cain, Lord of the Belligerants proposes a new virtue for the virtue system to act as a last chain between the principles...Drunkenness.  With Drunkenness as a balance the system is strong and works well as a whole as well as in individual parts.  The individual virtues gaining strength lend strength to the whole, and vice versa.  This is the virtue system which the Belligerants (OBD and OBF) shall follow, and it is after this system which base our ranking system.

     The Senior Ranks each represent a specific principle which their rank is characterized by.  Also, each principle has had a structure built to house it, and the corresponding principle which the rank represents will have it's coronation in that building:

     The senior ranks all have people under their command who will learn from their senior and gain those principles which make them stronger as individuals, and reinforce the strength of the whole Belligerant peoples.  These senior ranks will uphold their principles to the best of their ability, and they will lead by these principles.

     Cain, being the overseer of all of the Belligerants shall emulate Infinity, which is the culmination of all the virtues and princples.

     To add to all this Cain has instituted a new system for the guild, and the entire world, to recognize what the individual virtues should represent, and has thus specified that each Acolyte of the guild will be represented by an individual virtue which they themselves must emulate and uphold to the highest of their ability.  There will be an Acolyte for each virtue of the virtue system, thus making 10 Acolytes for the 10 virtues.  Along these same lines, for each virtue and Acolyte there is a corresponding city, shrine, color and mantra.  The corresponding city will be their place to oversee and report back to Cain and the Avatar on.  The corresponding shrine will be where they will be coronated.  The corresponding color will be the color of their dress armor (or robe), along with the traditional Belligerant color of guild purple.  The corresponding mantra shall be their war cry, and the word from which they receive their great powers.

     It is through this system of duels, rank and virtue emulation that will make the Belligerant peoples the strongest and happiest clan in all of Sosaria.